Web Design and Marketing


The key to prosperity in the marketing world of today is to make everything expeditious – yet informative. Like this tablet on a computer screen.

Web design on a computer screen by Alan Smithee

Miami Beach’s “cyber world” has become much more than just another way to promote and advertise a business. You require to probe for professional web designers to engender a page that is overall simple to navigate, rapid loading and additionally alluring to the ocular perceivers of the visitors. Don’t you? Mobile design (or responsive design) is extremely important as well.

See a slideshow on this here.

Now there is a plethora of accentuation in advertising on mobile contrivances and additionally engendering micro-videos on popular platforms such as Vine and Instagram. Right? That’s a real sentence.

The problem is that internet marketing is a very vast and complex field of work and you need years of experience in order to really be able to help people with their business. The best Internet Marketer has to be so intelligent that they’ll publish this weird content online and know exactly what they’re doingMiami Beach Search Engine Optimization is not something that you do for a day, or a week or even a month. Now having a website for your tanning products or historic accommodations with neon lights on Collins Ave is not just a good option but an essential one. Remember that there are literally dozens of websites on the internet. Many of these sites are used for promotional purposes. The best business web designs promote their e-commerce or brick-and-mortar services, products, and accommodations in a positive way rather than talking about how bad the business is and how no customers should shop there.

That’s right.

A solid website design is more than important in modern times. It’s actually essential for any business in the competitive South Florida market. Make sure you get your website designed by people with plenty of experience.


Transcribing Audio to Text (and not vice versa) on a Budget


I realize everyone reading this probably already knows some of this information, but it’s still worth sharing. I found this intriguing point of view from the Sustainability Hub. It’s real informational, don’t you think?

Online transcription services can be costly. If your budget doesn’t allow for hiring someone to do the transcription, you may have to either skip it or do it yourself. Your budget will also determine what type of transcription service you can afford to hire. A smaller budget means a smaller company or a longer turn-around time. Take this into account when determining if you should bother having a particular audio file transcribed.

Source: https://hub.sfi.mtu.edu/members/3917/blog/2014/Dec/online-transcription-do-you-really-need-it-this-will-help-you-decide

Designing an Effective Site of the Mobile Persuasion


The internet is now being browsed and navigated by mobile devices more than ever before and the number of people who are using mobiles for going online is growing rapidly.


What’s it All About, Galaxy?

This little “gem” is the main reason why you need to make sure that your mobile web design is effective and that it loads fast and easy with any kind of phone or tablet. Even a Kindle Fire or a Galaxy. EVEN an iPhone 6.

Simplicity and easy access to menu tabs and images is essential if you want people to navigate your website without issues. Make sure that you check for any issues in the most popular operating systems and browsers used with mobile technology.

Eddie Redmayne Is Manic Impressive as Stephen Hawking



There’s a muscle throbbing in Eddie Redmayne’s cheek, just under his right eye, a muscle most people don’t even know they can control. It pops out, bulbous, even as the rest of his freckled face stays still. Then Redmayne relaxes it. It looks like an impressive party trick, but it’s more than that. “Stephen Hawking can only use this muscle to communicate,” he says.

Redmayne practiced contracting that muscle for months to play Hawking in The Theory of Everything, in theaters Nov. 7. The biopic begins with the renowned physicist’s early years, when he meets his first wife Jane (Felicity Jones). They quickly marry after Hawking–then 21 and studying cosmology at the University of Cambridge–is diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, also called Lou Gehrig’s disease) and given just two years to live. It isn’t a film so much about Hawking’s fabled contributions to physics as his poignant and tangled…

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The Importance of Miami Web Design that Stands Out


There are literally hundreds of millions of active websites online today. That is not even counting the millions that have been abandoned and remain completely outdatedMiami has more than its fair share of outdated web designs just floating around the net collecting dust and presenting an awful face for companies.

Is this how you want your business to come across, when a customer searches and lands on your website?


Just something to think about.

The biggest problem with having a website design that doesn’t stand out is that, particularly in Miami, you are competing against too many other sites to take it easy.

Even if your site has a modern, responsive web design, you are still going to have to compete with thousands of other websites that are just as efficient and modern as yours. This means that if you want to remain competitive you must have a modern and unique website for your business. You also have to make sure it can be viewed by all kinds of devices and it needs to be quick to load as well.

That Smarts: Are that Many People Really Looking at Your Site on Their Phones?

browsing a great website on a smartphone


There can be little doubt that mobile web marketing has already become an extremely powerful and lucrative sector of the internet marketing business.

The mobile marketing phenomenon hasn’t even peaked yet. The widespread use (some would say over-utilization) of tablets and smartphones as ultra-portable, mobile web browsers has reached much higher numbers in the last 2 years with over 57% of the population of the United States alone already using these mobile devices. (2013, source: Pew Research Group) An even larger percentage of that large percentage regularly browse the internet with their phones.

Let’s Not Even Get Started on Tablets

Well, okay, let’s.

If your site does not have a mobile web design (or better yet, an overall responsive web design), chances are it looks absolutely horrific on one of these:

Web designing for tablet mobile browsers

The exact numbers are different in other countries of course, but it should be sufficient to know that so many people in the United States are using them. In larger cities like those here in Florida, the use of these mobile devices is particularly common. Ever walked around Bayside on any given day of the week? How many people did you see tapping and dragging away on their smartphones while they were crossing the street? Recently, I’ve even seen people doing that with iPads. Well, okay, it was in Wynwood, but still.

Still… What, Exactly?

At least they didn’t have the keyboards attached at the time. (And apparently, I’m not the only one who’s witnessed that sort of futuristic technologic carelessness).

According to the latest mobile web design statistics we’ve looked at, at least 1 out of every 4 searches is done with a mobile device. (source) That could be more than a quarter of your business. In Miami-Dade county, however, it could be even more than “more than a quarter.”

Is it worth the trouble to have a mobile design and create a pleasant user experience for “only” 29% of your customers? As always, that decision is up to you as a business owner.

How to Get Everyone to Unfollow You on Social Media


No one wants to find out how they can get “unfollowed” on their social media pages, but unfortunately many people are losing subscribers every single day because they are doing things that cause this to happen.

If you constantly post content that is copied from other sources, people will start to realize what you are doing and they will most likely leave to never come back.

Original content is important but aside from that you also need to maintain quality above all things.

Don’t post too many times a day – or minute. 2-3 times a day is actually optimal for balance.

Even if you have more to offer you should save it for the following day unless the news is just way, way too important.